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An obnoxious weed - Parthenium hysterophorus.

Parthenium hysterophorus L. is one of the ten worst weeds in the world. Parthenium is a herbaceous annual or ephemeral member of the Asteraceae, reaching a height of 2 m. in good soil and flowering within 4-6 weeks of germination.

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Large plants can produce more than 25000 seeds, distributed by floating on water or in the mud adhering to animals,vehicles and machinery.Parthenium is popularly known as Congress weeds, White top, Star weed, Carrot weed, Gajar ghas, Ramphool, Feverfew etc. Adverse effects of Parthenium on humans as well as on animals have been well documented. It is known to cause asthma, bronchitis, dermatitis and hay-fever in man and livestock.

Parthenium [Photographs on the Left Hand Side] is a curse for the bio-diversity .Chemical analysis has indicated that all the plant parts including trichomes and pollen contain toxins called sesquiterpene lactones. The major component of these toxins being parthenin and other phenolic acids such as caffeic acid, vanillic acid, anisic acid, chlorogenic acid, parahydroxy benzoic acid and p-anisic acid are lethal to humans and animals. Parthenium was accidentally  introduced   in  India in around 1956 and has since spread over most part of the country. Parthenium now occurs throughout the tropical and subtropical America from southern United States of America to southern Brazil and to Northern Argentina.

Societies Working on Parthenium Management

Philosophy and Social Action, Contact person:Dhirendra Sharma, M-120,Greater Kailash-I New Delhi-110048 India.

Society for Parthenium Management(SOPAM), Contact person:P.Oudhia, 28-A,Geeta Nagar,Raipur-492001, India. Tel:91-771-2253243, Fax:91-771-2424532, E-mail:pankaj.oudhia@usa.net ; parthenium@123india.com

Parthenium Action Group Inc., Contact person:Scott W.Dearden, "Blockdirt",Rolleston ,4702 Qld.Australia,  Tel: 61 - 77 - 079843266, 61 - 77 - 33796915, E-mail: pags@bigpond.com

Parthenium Action Group Inc.,The Parthenium Action Group Inc. (PAG) is a community group formed in the Central Highlands in 1994.  They are base funded by the National Heritage Trust to promote Best Practice in the Fitzroy Basin Grazing Lands.  Currently they employ two project officers to sell the message of Best Management Practices for Parthenium weed (see below). The Parthenium Action Group has compiled information on current advances in Parthenium weed control/prevention, pasture management, biological control and herbicide use.  This information has been contributed by many researchers and landholders.

Key Projects:Best Management Practices manual, Education and awareness program
Issues of concern:The spread of Parthenium!, Creating awareness of the problem and the severe health effects it has on people.
Contact Persons:Mr Scott Dearden, "Blockadirt", Rolleston QLD 4702, Ph/Fax: (07) 4984 3266. Ms Amanda Moran, PO Box 229, Clermont QLD 4721, Ph: (07) 4983 4743, Fax: (07) 4983 2978

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